Reed Diffuser Oils Wholesale

Reed Diffuser Oils Wholesale   –  only the cleanest, purest scents for your Brand!

  • We’re proud to be Innovators in the science of Fragrance Reed Diffusers Oils. Our fragrance reed diffuser oils are ready to use. No need to add anything to them.
  • Our oils are NOT diluted with ALCOHOL or DPG. They’ll last much longer than diffuser oils that have been “watered down” with thinners.
  • Our oils are created by experienced perfumers, prepared in the USA from quality ingredients and guaranteed fresh for your reed diffusers.
    …and most important: Our oils are poured daily for your order.
  • This is a huge difference from packaged scents that are frequently poured months earlier in China (with questionable ingredients) before they arrive on store shelves in this country.

Suitable for refilling all brands of reed diffusers.

16 oz. = 1 PINT 32 oz. = 1 QUART 4 quarts + 1 GALLON

2 oz. $5.63; 4 oz. $7.46; 8 oz. $12.71; 1 pint $22.46; 1quart $29.95; 1 gallon $99.95
(If you’re buying 9+ gallons, click here to order with gallons discount.)

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