Recycled Glass Vases

Recycled Glass Vases

Superior quality recycled glass simply sparkles with its brilliance in your shop. It comes in a rainbow of colors, each as brilliant as the next.

Your displays can be monochromatic with several styles of recycled glass vases in several shades of one color. For example, retro lime green with vintage dark green. Teardrop shapes and apothecaries.

Or seasonal, reds and greens for Christmas.

Oranges, golds, ambers, browns and blacks for Autumn.

There’s no need to apologize for recycled- it’s its own reward. You’re doing the best for the planet, selling a product that will never be part of the origin of glass cycle. Instead, even when it eventually breaks, a recycled glass vase can be recycled forever.

For-Ever. For-EVER. That’s a long time. Aren’t you glad that recycled glass can be purchased at such a low price?

Recycled Glass Vases

recycled glass vases

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